Social Care

Firmed by our belief that every human is a work of art that should be cared for, we educate and feed less priviladged children, take care of the elderly and offer support to widows.

In 2019 alone, we helped over 500 children, had 30 adults on our care list and supported over 70 widows.

Art Development

We organize art training for pupils and young adults. In these training, they are thought art skills and ethics they need in the art profession. In addition to the training, we give them working tools and mentorship.

Art Competitions

Competitions are vital to the development of young artists. It exposes them at a young age and helps them build confidence.

Our foundation organizes competitons for young people at various level. This has been a tremendous success. The past winners of the competition like Esther Ama and Kelechi Odo went on to develop illustrious careers in arts.